All payments are made through PayPal's secure clearing system which ensures confidentiality and security of your card details.

You do not need a PayPal account to make payment through the PayPal clearing system - just click on pay by Debit or Credit Card /Guest Checkout option.

PayPal can sometimes show a 'create account' option instead of  pay by debit or credit card but if you click on this it will give you a guest checkout.

When payment is completed you will receive a notification from Gothic and Fantasy Figures confirming your order and shipping details as well as a notification from PayPal confirming your payment.

When your order has been shipped we will send out a notification so you know your parcel is on its way.

At no time do Gothic and Fantasy Figures see  any of your card details.

All your personal details are totally secure and at no time whatsoever will they be passed on to third parties.

Gothic and Fantasy Figures is a trading name of Nemesis Figures.